Piroshky Piroshky (Seattle)


We’d heard about this Russian bakery from several sites when we did our research on what we could do in Seattle. I’ve never tried Russian pastries before, so boy was I intrigued! 🙂


A friend who lives in Seattle also highly recommended this place, so we HAD to buy some of ’em piroshkies (plural? lol). The line was pretty long for a small bakery, but we didn’t have to wait long – fast service is always a plus.


Next dilemma – WHAT ON EARTH TO GET! Cake/pastry displays are my weakest points (first world problems….) so I always do my research before going to such places. Otherwise I’d never get down to ordering (or end up buying every single thing my stomach tells me to).


Loved the pastry! We went to the Piroshky at Pike Place market, btw. We got ourselves the Salmon Pate Piroshky and the Beef & Cheese Piroshky. Both were just as yummy, but I preferred the Salmon ‘coz it was less overpowering (beef and cheese together – whaddya expect). The croissant was baked to perfection though — soft, flaky, and buttery. Could just eat a plain croissant on its own.

One grips: They weren’t very generous with the beef chunks though, so that was quite abit of a disappointment. Other than that, I can safely say this is the best Russian bakery I’ve ever been to (just coz it’s the ONLY russian bakery i’ve ever seen lol). But seriously, awesome pastry!

Details here:

1908 Pike Pl
(between Stewart St & Western Ave)
Seattle, WA 98101
Neighborhood: Downtown

(206) 441-6068


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