Toulouse Petit (Seattle)

This place was hands down my #1 fave in Seattle (close fight with Macrina, but Macrina’s my fave place for brunch, whilst TP’s my fave place for dinner). One verrrrryyy important tip: Go there during their happy hour coz everyth’s much cheaper! (yay for students!) We didn’t have a car in Seattle, so getting there was pretty difficult. Also, the lines are pretty long if you intend to go for dinner, but for happy hour, you get to sit anywhere you want (near the bar area), and you don’t have to wait that long – we got our table in <10 mins.

IMG_1962the area you’ll be seated in (near the bar) if you’re there for happy hour. The place looks so quirky!

All the food we had here were on the Happy Hour Menu.IMG_2065We got the Chicken & Duck Liver Terrine — im a huge fan of pate (ever since living in Paris for half a year), so this was really tasty IMO. Not everyone’s a pate fan though — but it’s an acquired taste, so you should start somewhere 🙂IMG_2066This is the (jumbo) shrimp creole, which was a little spicy, but so veryyyy tasty! We ordered this both times we were there. Portions for happy hour menu are manageable too, so you get to try a wider variety! Ace!!!

Not pictured here are the spicy lamb sliders and the Pommes Frites with Veal Pan Sauce, both of which were hits too (which kinda explains why I forgot to take pictures of them…we  polished them up before I realized that). Lamb was tender and juicy, whilst the fries — well, how can you go wrong with fries, esp when it’s topped with VEALLLLLL?!


BUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN….our ABSOLUTTTT favrrrrit dish here was the BEIGNETS! Apparently, the beignet is a New Orleans delicacy – crispy outside and warm & fluffy inside. Dusted with powdered sugar, this is a clear hit for dessert fanatics like me.IMG_1963It’s also served with a coffee cream dip which adds another level of flavor to it. One bite and you’re bought over –cross my stomach.

Also try the happy hour cocktails – I had the Pomegrenate Mojito, which was refreshing, and had a kick to it. Very generous with the alcohol, I must add! So we washed down everything with the mojito, and proceeded somewhere else for dinner (the epitome of gluttony) 🙂

More details here:

Toulosue Petit

601 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98119
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

(206) 432-9069


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