Bistrot Margot (Chicago)

One of the few restaurants open on Thanksgiving last year, Bistrot Margot (OldTown Chicago) was a hit. Never had much French food in the US before, so we’d decided to try this out.

There was a prix fixe menu (3-course menu for a fixed price) for Thanksgiving, so we had the Steak Frites and the Filet De Porc Roti (Roasted Pork Tenderloin). For appetizer, we had the Soupe a l’oignon lynonnaise (French onion soup).

I’ve tried several good, authentic French onion soups in Paris, and had a few failed experiences here in the States, so I was kinda skeptical about this one. But I heard reviews about the authenticity of this place, so I decided to give Mr French Onion another shot.IMG_2956boy was I surprised! I don’t know what special cheese the French use in their food, but the cheese ALWAYS hits the spot! The melted cheese in this soup was a little chewy and added a different touch to this appetizer. The soup wasn’t salty, like most other soups here (IMO), and the size was just right — usually the portions for soups are so large your stomach gets filled up even before the entrees.IMG_2958

The Steak Frites taste very different from steak in US. French steak is somehow less rich and more bland perhaps (in comparison to the steak here). But the fries were amayyyyzing. Not like the typical fries you get anywhere — the potatoes tasted fresher (?! i know this sounds stupid but cross my fingers they were so good), and the garlic parsley butter (green thing pictured above) blended in well with the steak.IMG_2957

The pork tenderloin was tastier than the steak, and the pasta gratin had a nice creamy touch to it. I couldn’t stomach the entire thing though coz the cheese got a little overpowering (I have very low threshold for cheese). Portions were just right 🙂

IMG_5195This was taken with my iPhone, hence the grainy quality. The profiteroles were really nothing much to rave about…not that they weren’t good, but that it was just normal. Vanilla ice-cream in eclairs drizzled with hot chocolate sauce — pretty ordinary. We also had the Terrine au chocolat et fraomboises (kinda like cake, but textured like a pate). The waiter highly recommended this, but we felt the chocolate was a little too rich (and slightly bitter — if you like dark choc, this is the way to go!). Also not a fan of raspberries, so this wasn’t to our liking.

Overall, a pleasant dining experience. Really wanted to try the leg of lamb, but they were out of it by the time we were there. Ohwells, another time perhaps!

More details here:

Bistrot Margot

1437 N Wells St
(between Burton Pl & Schiller St)
Chicago, IL 60610
Neighborhoods: Old Town

(312) 587-3660


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