Fuji Bakery, Seattle

Whenever I pass a bakery, I’d ALWAYYYYS have to stop by to catch a whiff of the bread/pastries….and whilst doing that I’d ALWAYYYYS buy a bread or two (or three…or a dozen lol). When I lived in Paris, I visited SEVERAL bakeries (boulangeries!) and ate so much pastry EVERY SINGLE DAY that I put on at least 9kg (no kidding) after 4.5 months. And this was despite me running at least 3x a week (1 hour each run) — So yeah, that’s testament to how much I love pastries 🙂

Before going to Seattle, I knew we had to go to Chinatown (or the International District, in Seattle’s case), and whenever there’s a Chinatown, there’s bound to be some kinda bakery! Best thing was…this bakery was JAPANESE. errmaaagahhhhhd!!! Japanese bakeries rank up there with Parisien bakeries. Their milk buns always seem to have some kinda kickass formula in it that makes them taste so damn heavenly i could wolf down 3 in a seating.

SO ANYWAY. We hunted down this place – Fuji Bakery. It’s a tiny bakery in Chinatown, but BOY do not judge it by its size. As usual, once we stepped in, the whiff of pastry in the air made me go weak in my knees (I sound so pathetic …) Whenever I see a cake display, I go crazy and this was no exception. I walked out of the place with almost 10 different pastries……..IMG_2130WHAT IS THIS SORCERY BAKERIES HAVE OVER ME?! Just take all my money, PLEASE! (And my waistline too)IMG_2131The Green Tea Danish was heaaaavenly. Flaky, buttery pastry filled with green tea almond cream that wasn’t too cloyingly sweet.

IMG_2140As you can probably tell from the pictures, I’m quite a fan of Matcha (green tea) — anything with Matcha’ll def win me over. Paired with Azuki (red beans), this combination was deadly (to my waistline)…

IMG_2141Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better….it did. I know I sound like I’m exaggerating whilst I wax lyrical about these pastries but CAN YOU TELL I’M SO DARN PASSIONATE ABOUT ‘EM?! I wish I could bake as well 😦 So, back to this caramel pear magic. Custard is another one of my weaknesses…and the caramel pear on top of it was a heavenly combination. There’s no such thing as too sweet!

IMG_2142They always say save the best for the last so … here goes. These milk bread sticks appear ordinary looking and unassuming…but BOY DID THEY BLOW MY MIND. I swear, I don’t know what magic they put in these milk cream that make ’em taste so darn good! It wasn’t too thick nor overpowering and the cream was so light and fluffy (like the bread). I didn’t feel like I just consumed a few hundred calories after eating this. Oh man, I need to marry a Japanese baker and live breadfully ever after 🙂

I also ordered the Green Tea Latte which was supposed to be good but it just tastes like any normal green tea latte. I actually prefer the ready made green tea packets I have at home. So don’t bother getting this…but if you need smth to wash down the pastries, this would be a good idea coz it’s light. Also, we really wanted to try the curry buns but they were sold out when we were there — definitely try these! Having tried a million Japanese-style curry buns before, I can assure you that you’ll never go wrong with these. What is this sorcery -_-

ANYWAY, more details here:

Fuji Bakery

526 S King St
(between S 5th Ave & S 6th Ave)
Seattle, WA 98104
Neighborhood: International District

(206) 623-4050


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  1. Rob Moses says:

    I need me some of that! 😀

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