Atlantic Fish Company (Boston)

I lived in Boston for a year and have tried both Legal Seafood & Atlantic Fish Co. – two of the big name seafood companies people usually rave about. After having experienced both, I’d recommend the latter for anyone who wants a greater variety of seafood options. Don’t get me wrong – Legal’s known for their lobsters, and to be honest, the lobsters in both places are almost similar. What sets the AFC apart from Legal is that AFC has more seafood options, most of which are veryyyy very delectable 🙂297500_10150357177753151_550650587_nI’ve had my share of crabcakes in Boston, and let me just say that AFC’s crab cake ranks up there as one of the better CC i’ve ever had! Huge chunks of REAL lobster meat stuffed in there – and when dipped with the tartar sauce, it just tastes heavenly! Coleslaw was very fresh too.

On the far RH corner of the picture sits a plate of DELECTABLE calamari! You get to choose if you want ’em grilled or fried, but FRIED’S THE WAY TO GO! Tossed with peppers, parmesan, olive oil, garlic and served with pomodoro sauce, this dish was clearly the winner for me 🙂 The batter wasn’t too thick and icky, and the calamari was fresh and chewy (but not too much). Sauce was … AWESOMESAUCE!

A not so clear picture of the calamari (was using my iPhone!)311469_10150335963447605_508231153_n

230324_10150183137273151_8081265_nClose-up view of THE crab cake.231158_10150183137443151_285819_nHas been awhile since I had this, so I forgot (insert sheepish look) what fish this was…could be the cod. Or the haddock. Whatever it is, it was tender, juicy, and very tasteful. 299813_10150357177928151_2045681503_nI’m a fan of scallops, and these GINORMOUS pan-seared scallops were so succulent & tasty! This dish doesn’t look like much, but those huge scallops fill you up pretty quickly.294353_10150357178023151_1512016765_nThe Captain’s Platter had shrimp, clams, scallops and haddock in it and was also served with fries (together with cocktail sauces + tartar). If you can’t decide what to eat, and love all kinds of seafood, this is the one to go for! Sauce was so yummy we slurped it all up.318448_10150357177973151_1983071127_nThe Maine Lobster was creatively presented, and what I liked about this was that I didn’t have to get the flesh out myself – they were already served on the dish. Lobster meat was fresh and tasted divine. This alone didn’t fill me up though! A clearer picture of the lobster:314952_10150335964202605_945868353_nIn all its juicy glory.320924_10150357178143151_1992850576_nDidn’t think the desserts here would be great, given how it is a seafood place. But boy was I wrong!

And what it looks like inside – soooo moist (pardon the half eaten ugly plate).316925_10150335966022605_1491813175_n


Another view:318680_10150335965512605_85024961_nBoth the chocolate and the apple were really rich though, so we shared these 2 amongst the 5 of us. Vanilla ice cream with anything warm and pie/tart-like is always a heavenly combination! And molten lava choc cake….you can never go wrong with that 🙂

More details here:

Atlantic Fish Company (Backbay)

761 Boylston St
(between Exeter St & Fairfield St)
Boston, MA 02116
Neighborhood: Back Bay

(617) 267-4000


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