Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream (Carmel, IN)

IMG_3220ANOTHER MAN V. FOOD PLACE! Took us awhile to realize that BUB’S = Big Ugly Burgers! 🙂 They have a newly opened restaurant in Bloomington, but we went to the Carmel (IN) one. Carmel’s a quaint lil town which was a nice place to visit.

Anyhoo, we waited a good 30-40 mins (this was on a Saturday afternoon – bad choice!)

For starters, we had the chilli cup, which wasn’t mindblowingly good or anything. Just like your everyday chilli. I’d suggest not to waste your stomach space/calories on this. Just go for the burgers!IMG_3221 Heard their icecream/milkshakes are as legendary as their burgers, so we had to try this! Chocolate banana milkshake – so thick and rich, and fingerlickin’ good! 🙂 Choc and banana is always an A* combination! Might not go down well with the burger meal though…should have it AFTER your meal (if there’s anymore space left in you stomach)IMG_3222 Was surprised they have elk burgers — last time we tried elk meat was in colorado, and that was an unpleasant experience, coz the restaurant overdid the meat. This elk burger was fantabuluz though! 🙂

Description of the Elk off their menu:

Our gourmet Elk Burgers are a must try! Elk meat is low in fat, calories and cholesterol and high in protein. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on the side. Ask your server about other toppings!

I had the Swiss cheese on top. Meat was tender and the buns on the burger were SOO tasty! unlike your everyday macD’s burger buns. This burger looks tiny coz I got the The “Settle for Less Ugly Elk” Quarter Pound $6.95. They have the half pound, and the one pound (big ugly elk) too.IMG_3223 Read on yelp that the sweet potato fries were good, so we got ourselves a basket of sweet potato waffle fries. HORRIBLE.HORRIBLE.HORRIBLE! After I took a bite out of this, I regretted it immediately, and wished I’d ordered the normal fries instead. It was kinda tasteless and just…not appetizing 😦 IMG_3224 We also had the The “Not so Ugly”™ Half Pound $8.95 Original Bub’s burger with American cheese!Very tender and juicy meat 🙂 Loved it! Like I said, the buns were amazingly delish and fresh!IMG_3225In general, for both burgers, the sauces came together very nicely. The veggies were fresh, and the meat were nicely done (not too well done). But we both agreed that the best part of the burger was the bun — toasted with butter, it was verrrrrryyyyy good and made the burger even more special!More details here:

210 W Main St
Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 706-2827





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